HTML Command Summary

ISO 8859 Character Set --- HTML has beginning and ending tags: <tag> </tag>. Novell Server: k:www\home\bag012 Accessing: Jove: The default HTML file is index.html. <!doctype> is used to tell the version of the HTML document. It is not necessary. <HTML> is used to indicate that the document is an HTML document. Anchor tag: [<A href="URL">] will create a link to someplace else. RELURL: Relative URL. That is usually just the path and filename. Making a link: [<A href="">UNT</A>] will make UNT a hotlink to UNT's home page. An image uses the <IMG> tag. [<IMG src="URL">] For displaying an image that is hot: [<img src="URL-IMG"><a href="URL">added-text-if-needed</a>] This is basically surrounding the graphic with an anchor tag. If a browser doesn't have graphic capabilities, using the ALT command will display text or something else. [<img src="URL" alt="something-else">] Name. In the anchor command, there is a name option. [<A name="place">UNT</a>] defines a specific place in a document. [<a href="">] will go there. For maps look at UNT Images: --- Special Characters &lt; = < &gt; = > &amp; = & &quot; = " &copy; = copyright symbol (&#169;) &nbsp; = non-breaking space &cent; = cent sign &pount; = pound sign &yen; = yen sign &brvbar; = broken vertical bar &sect; = section sign &laquo; = left angle quotation mark &raquo; = right angle quotation mark &not; = negative sign &reg; = circle r (&#174;) &deg; = degree sign &plusmn; = plus/minus sign &sup1; = superscript 1 &sup2; = superscript 2 &sup3; = superscript 3 &micro; = micro sign &para; = paragraph sign &middot; = center dot &frac14; = fraction 1/4 &frac12; = fraction 1/2 &frac34; = fraction 3/4 &iquest; = inverted question mark &AElig; = F character Breaks <p></p> = paragraph (HTML+ ALIGN="left|right|justify|indent(val)| WRAP="on|off"|center") <br> = line break (clear=left|right|all) <hr> = horizontal rule (align=left|right|center, size=?, width=?, width=??%, noshade) <nobr></nobr> = prevents a line from being broken <wbr> = provides a break point for a line if needed Character Presentation <i></i> = italics <b></b> = bold <u></u> = underline <tt></tt> = fixed width typewriter font <em></em> = emphasis (usually italics) <strong></strong> = strong emphasis (usually bold) <cite></cite> = italic <address></address> = used for signatures (usually italics) <pre></pre> = preformatted text (<pre width=80>) <code></code> = used for computer code (monospace font) <center></center> = center text and images (not official) <blink></blink> = make text blink <indent></indent> = indent text (not official) <font></font> = change font size (Netscape; also <font+=2> <font size=5>; range = 1-7; <font size=+|-?) <basefont size=?> = set base font size; range is 1-7 <font color="#$$$$$$"></font> = set font color (hex RGB value) <var></var> = name of a value to be supplied by the user <kbd></kbd> = chars to be typed in exactly by user <samp></samp> = a sequence of literal characters (sample) <dfn></dfn> = definition for a term (bold or italics) <strike></strike> = strike out text <sub></sub> = subscript <sup></sup> = superscript <big></big> = large font size <small></small> = small font size <tr></tr> = Times Roman font <hv></hv> = Helvetica <blockquote></blockquote> = paragraph breaks and indent <plaintext> = the rest is plain text <div></div> = align text division (ALIGN=LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER|JUSTIFY) <h1></h1> = Header 1 (large; ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT) <h2></h2> = Header 2 (<1; ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT) <h3></h3> = Header 3 (regular; ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT) <h4></h4> = Header 4 (<3; ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT) <h5></h5> = Header 5 (<4; ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT) <h6></h6> = Header 6 (<5; ALIGN=LEFT|CENTER|RIGHT) Header Information <title></title> = title <head></head> = header information <body></body> = text body <html></html> = HTML information <!-- --> = comment <base href="#source"> </a> = sets a search path in the header. <base target="name"> = base window name <link rev="rev" rel="rel" href="URL"> = relationship information <meta> = meta information <isindex> = indicates document is a serchable index (prompt="prompt") <a href="URL?'name'"></a> = sends a search List Types <ol> = start of numbered, ordered list (type=A|a|I|i|1; value=?) <li> = list tag (type=A|a|I|i|1; value=?) </ol> = end of ordered list <ul> = start of unordered list (type=disc|circle|square) <li> = list tag (type=disc|circle|square) </ul> = end of ordered list <menu> = like <ul> but more compact <li> = list tag </menu> = end of menu <dir> = list of short elements <li> = list tag </dir> = end of directory <dl> = definition list (also <dl compact>) <dt> = definition term <dd> = definition </dl> = end definition list Tags <a href="#source"> </a> = anchor tags and a reference to #source. <a href="#source" target="#target"> </a> = sets target window. <a name="#name"> </a> = sets #name to point to that spot. Services Available http:// ftp:// gopher:// news:// telnet:// Backgrounds and Colors <body background="URL"> = tiled background <body bgcolor="#$$$$$$"> = background color (hex RGB) <body text="#$$$$$$" = text color (hex RGB) <body link="#$$$$$$" = link color (hex RGB) <body vlink="#$$$$$$" = visited link color (hex RGB) <body alink="#$$$$$$" = active link color (hex RGB) Images <img> = base required src = where the image is align = top, middle, bottom, left, right, texttop, absmiddle, baseline, or absbottom for text hspace = space over in pixels width = width in pixels height = height in pixels hspace = horizontal runaround space in pixels vspace = vertical runaround space in pixels border = border width in pixels lowsrc="URL" = low res proxy alt = show text if image can't be loaded ismap = interactive map; clicking sends coordinates to the server; image must be enclosed by anchor tags with HREF pointing to a script or program on the server that can map the coordinates to the Web page. usemap="URL" = use someone elses script <map name="name"> </a> = describes the map <area shape="RECT" coords="x,y" href="URL"|NOHREF <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="?, URL=URL"> = client pull <embed src="URL"> = insert object into page (width and height also) Mosaic understands .html, .gif, .xibm, .jpg, .jpeg, .pict (Mac image), .mpg, .mpeg, .mov (QuickTime), .au (audio format), and .aiff (audio format). Forms <form method=get action="cgi-bin/search"> Please enter a keyword for something: <input type="text" name="key" size=40> </form> METHOD can be GET (sends info to URL in ACTION) or POST (sent to server script as a data block to standard input). A mailto: URL can be used in ACTION also (use name1=value&name2=value&...; fields are separated with &'s and spaces are replaced with +'s). <form enctype="multipart/form-data></form> = file upload <input type="text" name="name" size=30|maxlength=?> = text input <input type="radio" name="choice" value="whatever"> = radio button <input type="checkbox" name="blaa" value="blaa"> = check boxes <input type="submit" value="submit it"> = done and execute <input type="reset" value="clear all"> = clear all <textarea name="comment" rows=6 cols=40></textarea> = text area (wrap=off|virtual|physical) <select></select> = selection list; name="name"; size=?, MULTIPLE (for multiple choice) <option selected> = items that can be selected Tables <table></table> = defines the table border=? = turns on borders with value cellspacing=? = cell spacing cellpadding=? = cell padding width=? = table width width=% = width as a percentage <th></th> = table header (bold and centered) align=? = alignment (left|right|center) valign=? = alignment (top|middle|bottom) nowrap = no line breaks colspan=? = columns to span rowspan=? = rows to span width=? = width width=% = width as a percentage <caption></caption> = table caption (align=top|bottom) <tr></tr> = table row (align=left|right|center; valign=top|middle|bottom) <tc></tc> = table cell align=? = align (left|right|center) valign=? = vertical align (top|middle|bottom) nowrap = no line breaks colspan=? = columns to span rowspan=? = rows to span width=? = width width=% = width as a percentage of table Frames <frameset></frameset> = frame document (instead of <body>) rows=,,, = row heights (pixels or percent) rows=* = relative row heights cols=,,, = column widths (pixels or percent) cols=* = relative column widths <frame src="URL"> = display document name=? = frame name ("name"|_blank|_self|_parent|_top) marginwidth=? = margin width (both left and right) marginheight=? = margin height (bot top and bottom) scrolling=? = scrollbar (yes|no|auto) noresize = not resizeable (for non-frame browsers) <noframes></noframes> = unframe content HTML+ <abbrev></abbref> = abbreviations <acronym></acronym> = acronyms <arg></arg> = command arguments (such as -a) <cmd></cmd> = command name (like ls) <dfn></dfn> = defining instance of a term <lit></lit> = like <pre> but using proportional font <person></person> = proper names <q></q> = short quotation <s></s> = strike through text <footnote></footnote> = puts a footnote at the bottom of the page <margin></margin> = puts text in page margin <printed></printed> = text that only goes on printed pages <online></online> = text that only goes on the on-line pages <fig></fig> = for images; can have captions <caption></caption> = like img alt; can be align left, right, center, or float. <table></table> = used for tables; can have captions. <th> = table header <td> = table data <tr> = end of row of data <table> <caption>Example Table</caption> <th>col 1 <th>col 2 <th>col 3 <tr> <td>c1,r1 <td>c2,r1 <td>c3,r1 <tr> </table> <math></math> = special math formatting <box></box> = element grouping <array></array> = element grouping <over> = used to make numberator and denominator