Brett Johnson - Consulting Policies - Daily Rate

Daily Billing Rates

Consulting calls done without a written contract or agreement will be billed at the following rates:

An invoice will be presented, due, and payable when the job is complete.

Any returned checks will be charged an additional $25 fee.

Travel and Scheduling

For any location longer than a 30 minute drive, billing will be portal-to-portal. Rush hour traffic, road construction, poor weather, and other less than ideal conditions may make a location closer than 30 minutes away under normal driving conditions further than 30 minutes away under those less than ideal conditions.

All other on-site work is portal-to-portal. Outside of a 50 mile radius, travel expenses including airfare, hotel, rental car, taxi, and food and other reasonable and necessary expenses will be charged. Receipts will be provided with the invoice for the call. Reasonable effort will be made to contain travel costs.

Reasonable effort will be made to keep appointment schedules barring any uncontrollable outside events.